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Making travel bookings such as for hotels, flights, train tickets online whilst travelling abroad can feel a risky business. In an unfamiliar surrounding – be it an internet cafe, an unsecured wireless connection found near the hostel you’re staying in or even the hotel’s own (all too often costly) Wifi connection – we can’t be entirely sure that the same security we afford ourselves at home or in our workplaces can be relied upon to make any online transactions we want to make securely.

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Online vouchers can be used even in the most remote places if you can get online

It is however sometimes essential to make such bookings. Last minute changes of plans can affect us all and sometimes we might just be travelling at leisure without a firm destination. In reality to book online is often the only option available. And, with a little pre-planning this is where an online travel voucher could come in.

A gift voucher or similar is essentially a form of credit for the store/agency that you hold it for. Thus if you have credit with that company that covers what you need to pay for there should be no need to enter any payment details for your booking. This of course is especially true of pre-payment websites where you shouldn’t need to pay any more for your booking directly. So all you need to do is:

  • Before you leave top yourself up with relevant gift vouchers that can support your journey up to an amount you feel will be suitable to help you out.
  • Store either in relevant website account or in your inbox.
  • When you need to make a booking simply apply or enter the voucher on the payment page.
  • Confirm your booking without entering any credit card details whilst you’re away.

It’s almost like a traveller’s cheque you can use online. You can even use it to send money to someone travelling around the world in a difficult situation or to remotely organise business travel for employees abroad. The key is the flexibility.

But hey – why isn’t everyone doing it?

Good question.

The truth is not many companies offer this option. Obviously this article has put to one side the main purpose of gift vouchers – as gifts – but that alone would surely be an attractive product for many customers. There are those companies that require payment at the hotel which probably can’t, but anywhere that pre-payment is accepted, including all airlines and flight sellers, could consider this as an additional service to offer. None of those that do offer online travel gift vouchers could consider themselves to have universal applicability, usually limited by geographic limitations, time limitations or are limited to just one service.

From a UK point of view, those that do offer pre-paid hotel vouchers include, Ryanair and Eurostar, and of course since the launch of our own Hotel Gift Vouchers recently, this is possible for booking over 50000 hotels worldwide on Skoosh. We think that’s pretty great for anyone travelling anywhere given their flexibility. From a passionate traveller’s point of view, it would be great to see more options to provide, either as gifts or as in this article to help us travel more securely.


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