Skoosh Customer Reviews – A Potted History Part 1

Since 2003 Skoosh has been collecting hotel reviews from our customers so in the future those self same customers can make an informed decision about the hotel they are booking. It doesn’t seem such a new idea now even for a site that isn’t purely review-based, but back then Dorian and his much smaller team were breaking a certain amount of new ground in doing this.

The reviews we get range from the purposefully amusing to the maybe slightly more accidentally funny ones to those that are deadly serious. Sometimes we enjoy the ones that don’t mess about and get to the point very quickly, and sometimes the more descriptive ones catch our eye. There are those reviews which make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, which are always our favourites, and sadly occasionally there are those that aren’t so positive.

The beauty is that the guest can sum up a hotel experience far better than a hotel or we can, and that’s what adds the value. There are many of interest we feel one way or the other, and looking through the first year or so of submitted reviews we found a few we thought you’d enjoy.

Amadeus, Salzburg

The Amadeus: Lively at the front, but deathly quiet out back!

So, as I mention, we like short, straight to the point ones:

Very loud!” – Peter Caspar, Hamburg, Germany, who stayed at the Mercure am Westbahnhof in Vienna.

Also, the dryly amusing:

The hotel was on a main street but it was quiet, and at the back was the cemetery so these neighbours were extremely quiet.” - Anonymous, Scarborough, United Kingdom, who stayed at the Amadeus in Salzburg.

The life-changing – one of those warm-fuzzy ones I mentioned earlier:

We booked into the Dorint Hotel and I soon realised that this was one of the great decisions of my life.” – Leslie Forgham, Hessle, United Kingdom.

Zic Zac Hotel

Bedhop with Elvis, Pink Floyd and George Michael at the Zic Zac

The easily misinterpreted (sounds like a cool place though!):

Rock star themed hotel hemmed into the beatiful old town of Zurich. Great value for money considering you can bed hop between rooms styled around rock icons, I went from George Micheal to Elvis and ended up with Pink Floyd.” Anonymous, Manchester, United Kingdom who stayed at the  Zic Zac Hotel, Zurich

The unusual but delightful local tips that you don’t always see:

Don’t miss the secret Wallenstein gardens about 50 metres from the hotel (turn left)a really lovely and peaceful oasis apart from the peacocks!” Josephine Byrne, Johnstone, United Kingdom who stayed at the Blue Key in Prague.

Prague Peacocks

Top Tip: Find peacocks around the corner at one Prague Hotel

And the absolutely delighted & surprised – again another one that we delight in reading, and like to pass back to the hotel:

Then upstairs in the lift to a wonderful surprise….we had our own suite, not just one room,but three!! I think that it must have been where the owners lived out of season because apart from the bedroom there was a kitchen/lounge and a large shower room. The outlook, though looking out over rooftops was, & considering the closeness to the city centre, extremely quiet and the sun streamed into our room in the evenings.” Chris Hurlock, Ipswich, United Kingdom who stayed at the Venezia in Prague.

Although at the same hotel another guest did find time to comment on a bigger concern:

stair bannisters on a couple floors a little wonky“!

These are just a few of our favourites from the early days, and moving forwards I’ll look to dig out more notable reviews – whether they were completely good or bad, or interesting for other reasons. We always appreciate further contributions, and as we receive them I will discuss more current reviews that catch the eye as well.

If anyone has any further questions about reviews on Skoosh, let us know.


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