Mental mini-bars, Cricket and Chocolate Hotel Rooms

Good day to all – spring is here in Brighton, UK, and there is definitely a fresher feeling in the air. I’m always reminded a little of Tom Lehrer at this time of year…


Brighton Pier

The Skoosh team will be able to experience the wonders of Brighton Pier without ever leaving the office!

Anyway so to Springwise and their report on the minibar for the mind, a neat little idea to provide something a little more mentally stimulating for hotel guests in their rooms. I’m not entirely sure of the merits of providing Conversation Cards though – if you and the person you’re sharing a room with can’t think of something to say to each other perhaps you should be questioning that arrangement…


Want to enjoy the British seaside pier experience from your own home and thus avoid the wind, rain, school parties, smells of old chips, seagulls eating your doughnuts and everything else? Travolution report that those wily souls over at the Googleplex are looking to provide you with just that using their specially-adapted Google Street View Trikes. I think they should really do it from the rollercoaster as well…

Ryanair Ireland Offer

Ryanair cheeky cricket-based ad. From


Not specifically hotel-related, but always ‘nice’ to see Ryanair engaging in some creative travel marketing, as reported by Newswhip in Ireland. For those (such as myself) who enjoy the sport of cricket it was either disappointing or exciting to see the minnows of Ireland beat supposed giants (and creators of the game) of England in the currently ongoing Cricket World Cup in India. Michael O’Leary and chums were straight onto an advert brazenly advertising Ireland as “The Home Of Cricket”.


The cheeky young upstarts at Hipmunk have, with the help of Skoosh partners Hotels Combined, delved into the world of hotel meta-search. They’re really focussed on providing some serious competition to Orbitz-led Kayak in this world. While it remains to be seen if the benefits of hotel price comparison will really exist in a world where everyone has the same rates, it’s nice to see something a bit different happening.

 Locanda Ovidius, Venice

Stunning view from the 'hatch' at the Locanda Ovidius, Venice


Barb De Lollis once more provides some interesting points of ‘view’ over at USA Today with her piece on some of the ugliest hotel views sent in to her. This got me to thinking what some of the worst photos might be from our own customers, and I think the photo to the left demonstrates a view that would challenge any of Barb’s for the World’s Worst Hotel Room View award from one of our own customers.


Video find of the week is the Chocolate Hotel Room. There’s not much information on the source from the video aside from it’s the Bryant Park Hotel in New York. Further investigation showed me it seems to be a regular Valentine’s Day offer for those guest’s who like to get a bit, well, chocolatey. I’m afraid though that ‘Chocolate’ is yet to be a confirmed room type on Skoosh…

Cheers for now, Matt.

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