Great find on St Martins Island


Gina, Skoosh Reservations Manager, writes:

We have received a very positive review about the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort in St Martin, the Caribbean. This is the first review submitted on our site regarding this hotel and although not all reviews about this hotel are as positive across the internet, these are definitely some of the best shots taken of this property.


Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, St. MartinDivi Little Bay Beach Resort, St. Martin Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, St. MartinDivi Little Bay Beach Resort, St. Martin


The pictures wonderfully present the 3 fresh water pools the hotel provides, the simple but practical standard rooms and the beautiful views. The picture of the sunset has got to be my favourite; picturesque sky, the calm sea, the mountains and what looks to be a roof terrace which is always a bonus at a beach hotel. I would say that these shots match up to the hotels own photo gallery but are much more honest


The review itself goes as follows:

“This place is the most beautiful place in the island! They have very helpful staffs, and I was very satisfied with the service as well.”


I have since had a browse through other reviews online and they are surprisingly varied. Although you do often have to take some peoples moans and groans with a pinch of salt, the general negatives are the staff and cleanliness of the rooms which this guest seems to not have had a problem with.

When reviews are overall 50-50 between positive and negative, pictures would always help sway my decision and in this particular case, if the price was right I know I would take the gamble over the negatives others had experienced.

This is why people’s pictures are always greatly appreciated by Skoosh as they give a genuine view of the hotel and they are always available on our site for others to see once they have been approved by our staff.

Many thanks to Istvan for sharing his holiday photos with us.




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