April update from the OFT

The Office of Fair Trading have this week updated the case that they are investigating regarding the price fixing complaint brought by Skoosh. The update read as follows:


The OFT are continuing their investigation

“The OFT is continuing with its formal investigation into suspected breaches of competition law in the hotel online booking sector.

The investigation remains at a relatively early stage. However, after a preliminary review of the evidence gathered to date, the OFT continues to consider this matter as an administrative priority and is pursuing the investigation further.

The OFT though will not be in a position to conclude whether it considers the law has been infringed until it has progressed its investigation further, including obtaining and assessing additional evidence.”


While this currently seems to be an issue that has been of interest only to the travel industry itself, that it is being considered an administrative priority means it will have clear repercussions¬†for consumers. We’ll be looking a little closer at what it really means for travellers everywhere in a future post.

For any press enquiries regarding the case for Skoosh, please contact us at press@skoosh.com.


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